Are you ready to save money on your power bill while also doing something great for the environment? Here at Smart Connect Solar in Las Vegas we can help!

It’s easy to feel confused if it’s a good idea to switch to solar. There is a lot of conflicting information that people share. What they don’t realize is that recent technological advances are making it much cheaper to use solar than it ever was in the past.

If you want to find out about the many benefits of going solar, read on and we’ll tell you what you need to know.

What Are Solar Panels

Solar panels are solar cell panels, known as photovoltaic modules, which absorb sunlight in order to generate electricity. They are able to do this by making use of something that is called the photovoltaic effect.

Many people don’t realize that even if they live in cold environments or places that don’t get a lot of sunlight, it’s still possible to generate the power they need for their homes.

This is because it’s possible to store the energy that solar panels produce in battery systems. With recent technological advances, solar panels and solar systems are more efficient and cheaper to buy than they have ever been before.

With A New Tax Credit, Switching To Las Vegas Solar Is Cheaper Than Ever

Did you know that those who take advantage of the federal solar tax credit in 2022 are able to cut down on the cost of installing a solar system? For most consumers, this tax credit has been the single most important motivation for switching to solar.

The bad news is that you need to act fast in order to get the greatest benefits of installing solar. In 2023 the tax credit will be a bit lower, and in 2024 it’s slated to expire altogether.

If you want to take advantage of this tax credit, there are several requirements.

First, your solar system needs to have been installed between 2006 and the end of 2023. The solar system also needs to be installed at either your primary or secondary home. Lastly, you need to be the owner of the solar system you install, and the solar system needs to be new.

The tax credit covers expenses for things such as solar panels, installation costs, batteries, and wiring. It will also cover any sales tax you might need to pay when purchasing your new solar system.

You’ll Have Lower Energy Bills

Since the main cost that you’ll have to pay for going solar is related to buying and installing the right equipment, once you’ve done this you’ll have to pay almost nothing in order to power your home.

Since a typical solar system has a lifespan of around twenty-five years, you won’t have to worry about buying any new equipment for a very long time. Smart Connect makes it easy to install solar equipment if you have a limited budget because we don’t require a down payment.

Many people don’t realize that it’s actually possible to make money by having solar. Since many states let you share the excess energy your home produces back to the grid, energy companies will actually pay you for the energy you’re able to supply them with.

You’ll Increase Your Home’s Value

Homes that have solar panels installed will sell for much more than homes that do not have them installed.

For example, a home in New Jersey that has solar panels installed will sell for more than ten percent more than homes that don’t have them installed. This amounts to around nine thousand dollars for a median-valued home.

Though New Jersey’s solar premiums are higher than other states in the country, your home will be worth more in other states as well. Experts estimate that regardless of what state somebody lives in, the average home value will be about four percent more if it has solar panels installed.

Solar Is A Wise Investment

If you choose to install solar equipment on your house, it should take you about five years in order to generate a return on your investment. Since most solar systems will last about twenty years or more, you’ll be making a great investment for the future if you switch to solar.

The truth is that if you’d chosen to invest your money into stocks, this would be considered to be an amazing investment. The value of stocks rises and falls.

In contrast, a solar system’s return on investment has a much lower risk profile because your investment is safe and reliable. This is something that many people who are thinking about switching to solar don’t think about.

You’ll Be Helping The Environment By Going Solar

If you have solar panels installed on your house, you’ll be able to wake up every morning feeling good about yourself by playing a part in helping the environment.

Since most energy sources that supply power to the electric grid comes from fossil fuels which contribute to global warming, it’s more important than ever to be lowering your carbon footprint.

By having solar panels on your house, you’re also bound to inspire others to do the same for their homes. In order to meet the goal of becoming carbon-neutral, it’s important that every citizen plays their part in helping to make this happen.

Make The Switch To Las Vegas Solar Today

There has never been a better time for going solar. Not only will you be playing your part to help the environment, but you’ll inspire others to do this as well. You’ll save money on your electricity bill, and will be making a wise investment for the future.

If you’re ready to make the switch to solar electricity, we’re here to help you. We provide the latest solar technologies at Smart Connect Solar in Las Vegas at the most competitive prices. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions that you might have.