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Control your energy costs

By having a choice in where you get your power you can avoid their annual rate increases and have more control.

Upgrade your home

List your home as a “Energy Efficient Home” helping it sell faster and for a premium!

Save money

Solar technology has come a long way! In most states, it is much cheaper than your normal utility provider.

Help the environment

Cities across the world are becoming more and more polluted. Solar is 100% clean and safe!


Stop Renting Your Power

  • Pay off your power bill for good!
  • No money down
  • Payment never goes up.
  • Receive all tax incentives 


Maintenance and Monitoring 

  • We maintain your system.
  • We monitor your system.
  • We install your system.
  • 25 year production guarantee!


 What Happens If I Move?

  • Solar can increase the value of your home.
  • Home buyers prefer homes with lower expenses.
  • Easily transferred to new homeowner.
  • Solar homes sell faster than homes without solar.


How Does Solar Work?

Well, the science is kind of complicated but to simplify it, the sun sends radiation into space, and a fun fact about the sun – in approximately one hour enough energy hits the earth from the sun to power the earth for an entire year! (https://www.sandia.gov/~jytsao/Solar%20FAQs.pdf) That’s of course, if we had enough solar panels set up and installed to harness it. So, for your house, we just want to harness enough energy to power your house or as close to it as we can get. Once the sun rays hit the panels, it is converted into DC power and goes through the wiring into an inverter which changes it to useable AC power, which your house and all of your appliances and devices are powered by.

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